Engineering Graduate Assistance Cell


Engineering Graduate Assistance Cell shortly called, ENGRACE is a wing of Malayalee Engineering Graduates Association (MEGA). The members of this cell, are volunteers nominated by MEGA. ENGRACE works under the guidelines of MEGA.


The objective of ENGRACE is to assist Malayalee engineering graduates in the field of employment, career growth, licensing, professional development, continuing education and other facets which are related to the Engineering profession.


Some of the roles, responsibilities and function of this cell are listed hereunder:
For Newly immigrated Malayalee engineering graduates

  • Providing them with an overview of current employment needs, Canadian labor market trends and other commonly faced issues.
  • Assisting them to get their Engineering degree assessments and/or equivalency
  • Helping them by providing links to other governmental or non-governmental agencies to enhance their resume/cover letter writing and interview skills and to improve their job searching skills and marketability.
  • Co-ordinating and helping the new immigrants in all possible manner to get acclimatized with the new milieu and to connect them with the employment source to land in a successful job
Employment/Career Growth
  • Creating a database on MEGA members detailing their job specialization’s. Upon consent from the member, this secure information will be passed on to the recipient, who could then contact the member and get more details.
  • Facilitating networking between members and with other local organizations like the local chapters of Professional Engineers of Ontario, ASME sections etc.,
  • Encouraging members to provide links to MEGA’s webpage about posted/advertised jobs in their respective workplace.
  • Helping Malayalee engineering students to find summer jobs and assisting them to secure a full-time job after their graduation.
P. Eng Licensing
  • Providing tips and advice to applicants applying for P.Eng license.
  • A library to be opened soon and will house Professional Law and Ethics text books and a huge collection of previous year’s Law and Ethics exam question papers (with solved answers dating from late 1980′s). This will be a treasure house for all Law and Ethics exam seekers.
Professional Development and Continuing Education
  • A forum will be created in MEGA’s webpage, where members who took professional development courses and attended continuing education programs will air their views. This will help others to know more about the programs and get feedback regarding the same.